VW Polo €9,950



Production year: 2013
Millage: 125400
NCT expire: July 2025
Previous owners: N/A
Body type: Polo
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine: 1.2
Number of seats: 5
Car price: €9950


Elevate your driving experience with the timeless elegance and performance of the 2013 Volkswagen Polo. Crafted to blend style, efficiency, and comfort, this vehicle embodies Volkswagen’s commitment to excellence. If you’re seeking a car that delivers both form and function, your quest ends here.

Chic Design: The 2013 VW Polo boasts a design that remains relevant and captivating to this day. Its streamlined contours, distinctive grille, and well-proportioned shape exude an aura of sophistication. Whether you’re cruising along city streets or embarking on a highway journey, this car effortlessly combines practicality and style.

Efficiency and Performance: Fueled by a responsive 1.2L petrol engine mated to an automatic transmission, the VW Polo offers a balanced blend of power and efficiency. Whether you’re navigating urban roads or embarking on longer trips, the Polo’s performance is sure to impress.

Extended NCT Assurance: With a valid NCT (National Car Test) certification until July 2025, this Polo has been thoroughly tested and proven to meet stringent safety and emissions standards. This extended certification speaks volumes about the car’s condition and its commitment to roadworthiness.

Ample Seating Capacity: Equipped with 5 seats, the 2013 VW Polo is designed to comfortably accommodate both driver and passengers. Whether you’re carpooling, traveling with family, or venturing with friends, the Polo’s interior ensures everyone enjoys a comfortable ride.

Mileage and Reliability: With 125,400 kms on the odometer, this Volkswagen Polo has demonstrated its reliability and durability. The relatively low mileage indicates responsible ownership and meticulous maintenance.

Experience Volkswagen Excellence: Seize the opportunity to own a 2013 VW Polo that captures Volkswagen’s legacy of innovation, quality, and performance. To learn more about this exceptional vehicle or to arrange a test drive, please reach out to us at [contact number] or visit our showroom at [address]. This is your chance to embrace driving excellence with the 2013 Volkswagen Polo. Don’t miss out—experience it for yourself today!